What’s the Tulipfest in Albany?

So it turns out the Albany Tulipfest is about beautiful Tulips but also so much more. This festival harkens back to Albany’s Dutch past but provides a modern day tribute to Moms everywhere as it is traditionally held the weekend of Mother’s Day.

History and Nijmegen

Nijmegen in the Netherlands was captured by the Nazis and bombed by the Americans during World War II leading to much damage and fatalities. After liberation by the 82d Airborne Division, an Albany native passed a message from an American general to the Major of Albany requesting help for Nijmegen. Albany sent 300 tons of supplies to the devastated city and they became ‘sister cities’.


Albany returned to a spectacular Tulip display in Washington Park and it was decided or initiate a new Tulip festival. The Queen of the Netherlands was asked to pick and name a new variety as the official Albany tulip. She picked one and sent 2000 bulbs to Albany.

Anja Adriaans of the Albany-Nijmegen Friendship Alliance tells this Tale in the HEAR and THEN


Thacher Park

Staats House-Lewis Tavern-Lost Buildings

Dutch Church -Lost Buildings

Stadt Huys-Lost Buildings

Martin Van Buren-Present at the Birth of the two parties

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