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Links of Hudson Great Chain

Great Chain over the Hudson River

Montezuma: Who built the Erie Canal

Wedding of the Waters Tour Start – Erie Canal

Wedding of the Waters- Erie Canal

Why not to Oswego- Erie Canal

Erie Canal Vote as a Nailbiter

Erie Canal Financing-How did NY do it?

Erie Canal as validation of Republican government

Erie Canal Opening, Grave Situation at Schenectady & end of Western Inland Lock & Navigation Co.

Rome Canal starting point -Western Inland Lock & Navigation Co.

Erie Canal Boom towns: Port Byron

Erie Canal Boom towns: Utica

Erie Canal Boom towns: Brockport

Erie Canal Boom towns: Buffalo

Erie Canal Boom towns: Rochester

Erie Canal Boom towns: Syracuse

Contest for Terminus of Erie Canal-Buffalo

Contest for Terminus of Erie Canal-Black Rock

Erie Canal Groundbreaking-a Big Deal?

Dewitt Clinton-Father of Erie Canal?

Lockport Flight: Erie Canal-How did they do it?

Who built the Erie Canal

Duncan Campbell gravesite

Duncan Campbell: Mystery of Battle of Ticonderoga

Kinderhook Persons of Color Cemetery

Fort Ticonderoga- Henry Knox & The Noble Train

Indian Ladder Farms and Indian Ladder

Washington’s Headquarters

Delaware & Hudson Canal

Sagtikos Manor

Oak Neck and Secatogue Indian Site

Battle of Lake George

Fire Island Preservation Society (FILPS)