All Post Civil War in Albany


NYS Capitol Construction 1869, SEE HERE THEN

Adam Blake, Jr. and Congress Hotel

Adam Blake, Jr. and Van Rensselaer Manor

Adam Blake, Jr. and the Kenmore


Municipal Water after 1848 Fire


1880 City Hall Fire


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church-Second Building

Spruce St.- Street names

Hummel Terr.- Street names

Judson St.- Street names

405 State St., Chief Judge Irving Lehman

131 South Lake Ave.

11 North Pearl: Pearl St. Stroll

State St & South Swan:Hiking Capitol Hill

Alfred E. Smith Bldg: Hiking Capitol Hill

Sheridan Statue: Hiking Capitol Hill

Railroad Jack at Old Union Station

Hinckel Brewery and the Boston Beer War

Hinckel Brewery and Frederick Hinckel

Verplanck St.namesake-Verplanck Colvin

Colvin Ave’s namesake-Verplanck

Verplanck Colvin-Early Years

Verplanck Colvin-Surveyor of the Adirondacks

Kate Stoneman-Albany Law School and Stoneman Award

Kate Stoneman-Albany Law School and Stoneman Award

Kate Stoneman-Pioneering Lawyer-studied Here

Theater Fire and first Fire Alarm Station

25 Delaware Ave. – Central Fire Alarm Station

Glynn Mansion

Blizzard of 1888-the Big One

Walker Family

423 State St.

210 Sheridan Ave.

979 Madison Ave. , College of St. Rose

Ridgefield Park