All Early 1800's in Albany


early 1800s

Erie Canal Vote as a Nailbiter

Erie Canal Financing-How did NY do it?

Erie Canal as validation of Republican government

Dewitt Clinton-Father of Erie Canal?

Albany Museum-Lost Buildings

North Pearl Street from Maiden Lane North -1814: SEE HERE THEN

State Street, North Side from Pearl to Market Street, 1806: SEE HERE THEN

East Side Market Street from Maiden Lane South, 1805: SEE HERE THEN

State Street from Pearl to Market Street: SEE HERE THEN


Stevenson and Wendel Houses: SEE HERE THEN


Corner of State Street and North Pearl Street, 1814: SEE HERE THEN

North Pearl Street from Steuben Street to Fox Street, 1812: SEE HERE THEN

West side of Market Street, 1800-1810: SEE HERE THEN

Rich Man’s Dwelling, , John Stevenson, 1805: SEE HERE THEN

Pearl Street West Side, 1805: SEE HERE THEN

Market St from State Street to Maiden Lane, 1805: SEE HERE THEN

State St., 1805: SEE HERE THEN

Pearl Street from Corner of Columbia Street Looking North, 1805: SEE HERE THEN

Fort Frederick, 1765: SEE HERE THEN

West Side of Market Street from State to Maiden Lane : SEE HERE THEN

West Side of Market Street, 1805: SEE HERE THEN


View of Market Street with Market and Old Dutch Church, 1805: SEE HERE THEN


Dwelling of the Widow Visscher: SEE HERE THEN

St. Peter’s Church, State and Barrack Street: SEE HERE THEN


Market & Church St. 1805, See HERE Then


James Eights


Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church-Second Building

Hurst Ave.- Street names

Silas Ave.- Street names

Raymo St.- Street names

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church-First Building

Greyledge Dr.- Streetnames

Fulton St.- Streetnames