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early 1800s

Mural of Uncle Sam….brewery in Troy

Fake Grave of Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam birthplace, Arlington Statue

Uncle Sam is no longer here

Uncle Sam gravesite

So who was Uncle Sam? Troy Statue

Uncle Sam Bikeway

Montezuma: Who built the Erie Canal

Wedding of the Waters Tour Start – Erie Canal

Wedding of the Waters- Erie Canal

Why not to Oswego- Erie Canal

Erie Canal Vote as a Nailbiter

Erie Canal Financing-How did NY do it?

Erie Canal as validation of Republican government

Erie Canal Opening, Grave Situation at Schenectady & end of Western Inland Lock & Navigation Co.

Erie Canal Boom towns: Port Byron

Erie Canal Boom towns: Utica

Erie Canal Boom towns: Brockport

Erie Canal Boom towns: Buffalo

Erie Canal Boom towns: Rochester

Erie Canal Boom towns: Syracuse

Contest for Terminus of Erie Canal-Buffalo

Contest for Terminus of Erie Canal-Black Rock

Erie Canal Groundbreaking-a Big Deal?

Dewitt Clinton-Father of Erie Canal?

Lockport Flight: Erie Canal-How did they do it?

Who built the Erie Canal

Delaware & Hudson Canal

Albany Museum-Lost Buildings

North Pearl Street from Maiden Lane North -1814: SEE HERE THEN

State Street, North Side from Pearl to Market Street, 1806: SEE HERE THEN

East Side Market Street from Maiden Lane South, 1805: SEE HERE THEN

State Street from Pearl to Market Street: SEE HERE THEN