Historical Sites

HEAR about HERE  GEOCasts

-a great addition to any historical site. 

A series of GEOCasts provides an additional narrative for visitors which can supplement existing programs or provide something entirely new.


A walking tour of the building and grounds with stops at particular locations -each having a GEOCAST tied to that location describing something interesting.

A walking tour of the area around a historical site including other historically interesting buildings or places.

A walking tour of a place describing an event that happened there.

A treasure hunt for your littlest visitors with GEOCASTS providing hints and facts.

Add a GEOCAST here  of a geographical place, person or event  that occurred at the place.

Create a GEOCAST

There is no cost to use our platform. We will link to your website, blog, or other site that provides additional information on the topic of each GEOCAST.

Audio?  How do I get started?

We can help!  Let us know what your ideas are and we can help you add audio to provide a Hidden Soundtrack to your historical place.