What’s GEOAudio?

  • a 3 to 5 minute  audio story about a person, place or event tied to a location

Can a place have more than one GEOAudio?

  • Absolutely!  Many different takes on a place add to the story.
  • Be sure to rate your favorite and it will rise to the top of the list

How can I save the places I want to visit?

  • Be sure to log in and favorite the places you want to visit so they are there the next time you visit our site.
  • Create your own HEAR List of your favorite spots to let others HEAR your favorites.

Why sound?  There are lots of websites and apps with descriptions of places?

  • With HEAR about HERE  you can actually visibly enjoy  the place you came to visit and listen to the details what happened at  a historical spot with a friend or on your own.

Can I listen in my car?

  • A great use of HEAR about HERE is to find out what happened at all those historical places that you pass on the highway.  Just be sure to let a passenger open the website and click HEAR what happened HERE.

Can I add my own GEOAudio?

  • Certainly! Tell us your take on your favorite historical spot.

    I am a professor/researcher or I just know a lot about history.  How can I get involved?

  • Please add  GEOAudio for the historical spots that you are an expert in.  We will even provide a link to your website or desired page, such as an Amazon book listing.